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St Joseph's House for Boys

St Joseph's House for Boys stands to be one of the biggest hubs for boys in Zimbabwe.
St Joseph's proudly accommodates, educate and counsel boys in preparation for responsible and sustainable adults tommorrow.

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St Joseph's House for Boys

From a resolution of the synod of the Anglican Church adopted in 1936, sprang the ideals and objectives of the non- denominational St Joseph's House for Boys which we know today. Regrettably, many children in the world do not have the privilege of a safe and happy home. Many are orphaned, destitute, abandoned abused, exposed to domestic violence and desperately in need of shelter, food and education. It is the objective of St. Josephs to provide a promising future to these unfortunate Boys.
From modest beginnings in the Deanery in Salisbury, the number of boys accommodated has increased over the years and the House moved twice to larger quarters before being established at its present location in Denbigh Avenue, Belvedere, Harare in April 1953. There are currently 55 Boys who regard the House as home. The prime objective of the Board of Governors and the staff is to see that the boys are assisted in learning and attaining habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect and all that tends to make them good and useful citizens of Zimbabwe in a homely environment.

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